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Fund A New Drop Box!

New drop boxOur all-volunteer organization, Books to Benefit, passionately works to support literacy. We collect gently used books from our community drop boxes, after which our volunteers sort the books by genre for eventual sale at one of our two semiannual book sales. The only income we receive is from these book sales and individual donations. Most of our donations are collected from area drop boxes. Two of our boxes are no longer usable and must be replaced. As you can see from the photo, the current drop box damages the books that are collected. We are in desperate need of a new box, which is very expensive. A new box costs over $5000. We have been shopping around and found a refurbished box for $2600, half the cost of a new one. But, we need your help before the refurbished box is gone!

Please consider making a donation to help us out. No donation is too small and will allow us to keep our operating costs down so we can donate more money from our sales to local literacy programs. Your donations are tax deductible. Tax receipts are available.

How Books to Benefit makes a difference:

The proceeds of its semiannual book sales…

  • benefit STAR Adult Literacy and YouthBuild McLean County’s literacy programs,
  • provide financial support for the Books to Benefit Community Service Scholarship Award at Heartland Community College,
  • encourage volunteerism through community service,
  • and assure that works of scholarly importance and/or unusual publication history or content find appropriate homes offering ready access to these works.

Choose your donation level to help us write our story! 

  • $   5 – Word
    Know that your contribution helps our story begin.
  • $  10 – Sentence
    Make a statement to support literacy in our community.
  • $  15 – Paragraph
    Share our story.
  • $  25 – Page
    Show your support for our mission.
  • $  50 – Chapter
    Tell us why literacy is important to you.
  • $  75 – Short Story
    Share your favorite story.
  • $  100 – Novella
    Commit to literacy for someone you love.
  • $  200 – Book
    Ensure there are books to read in the community.
  • $  500 – The Great American Novel
    Give others the gift of literacy.
  • $1000 – A Series
    Make literacy an ongoing priority.

Help us get the word out; share our link with your friends!