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Meet Visiting Artist Pam Farnham

Photo of watercolor artist Pam FarnhamAttention Art Lovers: On loan from local watercolor artist Pam Farnham, Books to Benefit is proud to display pieces from her personal collection in its gallery of art books. Her warm style is reminiscent of vintage greeting cards. Inspired by nature, her favorite subjects are birds, plants and landscapes.
Visit the Books to Benefit location at 360 Wylie Drive, Suite 700 in Normal, Illinois during our November 1-4 book sale to see these creations first-hand.

Visiting Artist Pam Farnham

Pam Farnham is a watercolor artist with a passion for living things. Inspired by nature, her favorite subjects are birds, plants and landscapes.

Farnham paintingFarnham has been painting since the early 80s, when she was inspired while teaching a class of four-year olds. She lined her children in a row on the classroom floor with long sheets of paper, paintbrushes, paint and water, encouraging them to paint what they felt. One little girl asked her to sit and paint with them, and much to her surprise, Farnham learned that not only was painting and playing in color fun, but that inspiration came very naturally. She discovered she had good eye-hand coordination and could express herself easily. She has been painting ever since!

Farnham paintingWhen she hears people say how much they wish they could paint, her advice is to set up a space to get away, have all the supplies ready and paint uninterrupted. She recommends following Bob Dylan’s philosophy. When he was asked if he thought his songs were good songs or bad songs, he said he didn’t know. He just knew that they felt right. Farnham believes that the key is to paint what feels right. With so many online tutorials, she advised would-be painters to dive in!

Farnham loves growing her own organic foods, fresh herbs and flowers. Most warm days she can be found swinging from a tree in her garden, sipping her home-brewed herbal infusions. Her garden is her sanctuary so it is no surprise that many of her paintings feature plants she has grown, birds that have nested nearby and insects perching on her plants.

Farnham paintingA spiritual person, Farnham paints what inspires her because it gives her a way to express the inexpressible. While painting, she feels as though she merges with the subject, experiencing it at a very deep level. Somehow she just knows when a painting is finished.

The artist that most inspires her is Freydoon Rassouli, an Iranian-Born, American abstract surrealist, visionary artist and author. Her favorite places include Torrey Pines State Park in San Diego, California, and Glastonbury, England. Her recent paintings include Beethoven, a nature scene inspired by poet May Sarton and several Samoyed dogs.

Though not for sale, the pieces in the Art room come from Farnham’s private collection. Visit the Special Collections room, where you may browse Farnham’s watercolors that are available for you to purchase.