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Meet Visiting Artist Stacy Lee

Painting by artist Stacy LeePainting by artist Stacy Lee

Attention Art Lovers: On loan from the Art by Stacy Lee, Books to Benefit is proud to display pieces from local artist Stacy Lee in its gallery of art books. Her modern, unconventional paintings incorporate pencil sketches and acrylics. Lee’s painting are inspired by nature and emotion. Visit the Books to Benefit location at 360 Wylie Drive, Suite 700 in Normal, Illinois during our June 14-17 book sale to see these creations first-hand. To learn more about Lee visit her on Facebook.

Visiting Artist Stacy Lee

Painting by artist Stacy LeePainting by artist Stacy LeeStacy Lee is an artist who enjoys “making messes on canvas.” Originally born in Wisconsin, Lee moved to Illinois with her mom as a child. In Wisconsin, family was always nearby. She jokingly added, “I have come to appreciate Illinois because I have lived here longer with one exception – it could use more forest preserves!”

Lee’s style has an unconventional quality that allows her to express herself and her love of color without taking things too seriously. The first time she was captivated by art was at an art walk in Milwaukee many years ago. Through the use of color and form, the canvases “spoke to her,” conveying raw emotion. Lee was hooked and knew that someday she would paint.

Nearly 15 years ago the creative bug finally bit. She found inspiration everywhere — in nature, heartache, love and sadness — which she thoughtfully infused into her brush strokes. Because of the versatility, Lee started painting with acrylics and doodling with colored pencils.

Painting by artist Stacy Lee Painting by artist Stacy LeeLee continues to frequent local galleries, art shows, and the downtown Bloomington First Friday events. Among her favorite artists are Ansel Adams, MC Escher, and Salvador Dali.

Her favorite subjects to paint are trees, hearts, and eyes. Her paintings are sometimes a mix of doodles and brushstrokes. When asked about her work, Lee commented, “To be honest life is my muse.”

In her professional life Lee is the registrar at YouthBuild McLean County, an organization whose mission is to offer young people a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build their futures and their communities through education, leadership development, job training, and the rehabilitation and production of affordable housing, while keeping a profound respect for, and a commitment to, a real partnership with youth.

When she isn’t creating art, she enjoys shopping locally in downtown Bloomington and uptown Normal. She loves sampling nature by walking and biking the Constitution Trail. Her interests include reading (confessing that she doesn’t do it often enough), kitties, and getting tattoos.

You can follow her on Facebook at Art by Stacy Lee.